Preparing for your child’s future 7+

A key part of our role at Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep is to prepare the children for the next stage of their education when they move on at the end of Year 2.

By knowing our children so well we are able to match the individual child to the most suitable school for them, where they will continue to thrive and develop. This is all done in close communication with the parents, through more formal future schools meetings in Year 1 and through more informal, ongoing dialogue. It is important that parents feel informed and supported throughout this process to enable as smooth a transition as possible. We actively pursue positive relations with our local schools and engage in communication with them about all individual children.

As part of the Shrewsbury House Trust, many of our boys go on to Shrewsbury House School and can enter there without having to sit the Assessment Day. Open, ongoing communication between the two schools with regard to all aspects of a child’s development is in place throughout a boy’s life at the Pre-Prep. Boys are able to pursue other options than Shrewsbury House School and they will all be as well prepared for those schools as those going to Shrewsbury House.

Our girls can go on to a number of leading schools, including Rowan, Notre Dame, St Catherine’s, Lady Eleanor Holles or Surbiton High School, while those keen to follow a co-educational route may look at, among others, Feltonfleet or Danes Hill.

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