Pastoral Care

The exceptional Pastoral Care offered at Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep is one of our greatest strengths. A caring, nurturing culture is fostered within our School, with each child known and supported as an individual. Small classes and low pupil-teacher ratios help provide the calm environment for such quality care.

The children know they can speak to any member of staff, at any time, and open dialogue is promoted across the school.  Pastoral Care is a partnership between the School, the child, and the family and we actively encourage interaction with families to help best support the child. 

Children are taught and modelled the key values of respect and kindness both when interacting with one another and when dealing with adults. The class teacher will oversee your child’s all-round development and be the link for the families and the rest of the school.  Regular whole-school meetings are held, purely to discuss the individual children’s welfare.

A positive approach is taken to managing the children’s behaviour.  Unkindness, or any form of bullying, is not tolerated, and is dealt with thoroughly and sensitively. We are a school that has time for its children, knowing that a secure, confident child, happy in their surroundings, will be able to achieve more and realise their potential.

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