Outings and Visitors

We actively pursue opportunities to supplement and enhance your child’s learning experience by organising regular outings for the children in the school.  Each year group will organise outings across the year, with a mixture of local trips using public transport and further afield outings in the Shrewsbury House minibuses or coach.

  • Brooklands Museum
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Guildford Toy Museum
  • Nower Wood
  • The Rose Theatre
  • Gatton Manor
  • The Rural Life Centre
  • Garsons Farm
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Windsor Castle

As part of our wider curriculum, we welcome visitors in to the School to talk to the children about their experiences or things they are involved with.  Parents can come in to share tales of their working lives, their cultural practices or to tell us about their areas of expertise, either in Assemblies or within individual classes. 

Recent visitors include:

  • Doctors
  • Librarians
  • Local authors
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