Learning Enrichment at SHPPS

Our aim at SHPPS is for all our children to reach their learning potential regardless of any physical, emotional or educational need.

We recognise that your child may need additional support for a number of different reasons and the level of assistance required will vary from child to child. The degrees of support are:

Wave 1

Quality First Inclusive Teaching is available to every child. High-quality, inclusive teaching takes into account the learning needs of all children as part of a broad and rich curriculum.

Wave 2

We recognise that there will be children who for different reasons may need extra support in certain areas.  To this end, short-term targeted interventions are designed. The responsibility for these interventions may be shared between the class teacher, the Learning Enrichment Coordinator and/or the Key Stage Coordinator. Support may be provided in a one to one setting or in small groups.

Wave 3

For some children a more long-term, personalised and specialised provision is required. This can lead to an ISP (individual support plan) or an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan). Outside agencies and the local authority are sometimes involved in helping to find the right strategies to support these individual children.

English as an Additional Language

We are proud to have children and staff at SHPPS from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Children here speak a range of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, German, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Tamil and Farsi.

We produce welcome booklets in the home language of the child should a family new to the School not have an understanding of English.

If a pupil learning English as an additional language is found to require Learning Enrichment support, specialist support (such as REMA Surrey) will work closely with the Learning Enrichment coordinator to enable the child to reach his or her full language potential. On the other hand, EAL needs should not prevent gifted and talented pupils from being recognised as such. We value bilingualism as an asset and a learning opportunity.

We celebrate the range of cultures, faiths and languages represented at SHPPS in our regular Multicultural days and themed Assemblies.

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