What Our Parents Say

During our son’s time at Shrewsbury House, he has just come on in leaps and bounds. I think that they have done a wonderful job in finding all of the things that he is great at, making him feel very cared for. We have found the staff to be incredibly approachable. The staff all really do know him individually. They know what he needs, we feel that we are always kept up to date with his progress and his emotional and personal well-being. Because the classes are smaller, the teachers can really run with the level of the child, so if they need to be stretched or go a bit slower and take some concepts a bit more slowly, they are able to do that. We talked regularly about what would have been the best option for our son’s education and we’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head here.

Mr and Mrs Sealey

Within days of him starting, he was keener to see the teachers and he didn’t want to say goodbye! He was just running straight into school, there was no hesitation. They just made him feel at home from day one. He has turned into this super-confident little boy, which is what I was hoping would be achieved. The subject that my son absolutely loves the most is Maths, he is an inherently inquisitive little boy. He loves the ability to express himself and explore who he is within school. In terms of wraparound care, my son was able to do an activity, he was then fed and he absolutely loved it. He got one-on-one attention, because he was generally the last one to be picked up! The whole ethos of the school, the whole ability to nurture, create confident, bright children and do this in ever such a nurturing environment, I couldn’t recommend this school more highly.

Mrs Atkinson

I think that the beauty of the School is in its size. It’s a school that goes up to Year 2, but it means that each child is really well known within the school, each child is happy to talk to anybody in the school – be it teachers or children from other years. For my son, who couldn’t wait to be at School, the Nursery was a fantastic place to put him before he started his formal years of education. It’s just a really happy environment where all of the children mix in together socially. It’s a really happy, special time for the boys. It’s such a fantastic and comfortable place for my son to be and I was really happy with his year in Nursery. We were very happy with our eldest son’s education, to the point where my youngest was signed up a couple of months after he was born! We think it’s fantastic and we’re really proud to have our children go through here.

Mrs Carson
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