Below are some frequently asked questions:

What are the timings of the school day?

Morning registration is at 08:45. Both the Nursery Gate and The Main Gate are open from 08:15 until 08:45.

Nursery, mornings only 08:45 – 12:30
Nursery, all day 08:45 – 15:15
Reception 08:45 – 15:15
Year 1 08:45 – 15:30
Year 2 08:45 – 15:45

All Nursery children are expected to attend five mornings. Parents may choose how many afternoons and which days they would like their child to attend and the option to increase or change this is given each half term.

Parents are able to drop their child at our Breakfast Club each morning from 07:30, and Afternoon Supervision is also available from the end of lessons until 18:00. There are additional charges for wraparound care and further details may be found here: Wraparound Care Brochure

Does the school participate in the 15 hours free childcare?

Yes, you are able to claim 15 hours of free childcare up until and including the term in which your child turns five. Parents are sent the appropriate paperwork to complete at the beginning of each term. The amount will have already been deducted from the termly fees. Further details are available from Mrs Bernadette Cross in our Finance Department (0208 3993066 x319 or bcross@shstrust.net).

Does the school accept childcare vouchers?

Yes. If your employer offers a childcare voucher scheme, it is possible to use these vouchers to pay towards your childcare costs up until and including the term in which your child turns five. Further details are available from Mrs Bernadette Cross in our Finance Department. (0208 3993066 x319 or bcross@shstrust.net

What are the normal entry points into Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep?

Children usually join our Nursery and move up through the school until the end of Year 2. Children are eligible to join our Nursery from 2 years old. We do also normally welcome a small number of additional children into our Reception each year, however this is subject to there being spaces available. Occasionally places become available further up the school and you should contact the Registrar, Mrs Jules Akhurst, at jakhurst@shstrust.net or 01372 462 781 for further details.

Do boys automatically move from Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep onto Shrewsbury House Prep School?

SHPPS is the only school where boys do not have to sit the Assessment Day held at SHS. Ongoing assessment occurs at SHPPS and there is regular dialogue between Mr Akhurst, Head of SHPPS, and Mrs Hubbard, Executive Head of Shrewsbury House. It is important that any boy looking to go to Shrewsbury House will thrive there, including working at the appropriate academic level.

Mr Akhurst will meet with parents of Year 1 children to discuss future schools for their child. If both parents and the staff feel that SHS is a ‘good fit’, Mr Akhurst will submit a reference and report to Mrs Hubbard. On considering the reports, and after discussion, Shrewsbury House will then send out offer letters to those boys who it is believed will thrive at SHS.

All children will be prepared extremely well for their next school and Mr Akhurst has strong relationships with many of the local prep and state schools, including girl’s schools.

How can I secure a place for my child at Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep?

In the first instance, you will need to complete a Registration Form and return it to the Registrar together with the £150 registration fee and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Your child’s name will then be added to the list for entry into the school at the appropriate entry point. Approximately 12 months prior to joining we will send you an offer letter, formally offering your child a place, together with an Acceptance Form. You will be asked to kindly complete the Acceptance Form and return it to the Registrar together with the £500 deposit. You will also be provided with a copy of our Terms & Conditions, which you should retain for your records.

If you have any further questions regarding Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School, please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar, Mrs Jules Akhurst, 01372 462 781 or jakhurst@shstrust.net

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