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Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School offers an excellent educational experience to both boys and girls aged between 2 and 7.

The early years are so important, as they provide the foundation for life; not just academically but socially and emotionally. We pride ourselves at Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep in developing the whole child against a background of academic excellence in a loving and caring environment.

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Why Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School?

Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep School provides a nurturing and caring environment for boys and girls aged 2 to 7. From our Nursery right up to Year 2, our school is small enough to ensure that your child is known to all members of staff, is valued as an individual and is given the attention they need. We know each child’s likes and dislikes, what their strengths are and how we can best support them on their academic journey. Your child will be supported to develop self-confidence, good manners and consideration for others. Children are taught and modelled the key values of respect and kindness both when interacting with one another and when dealing with adults.

The whole School community is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for your child and establishing a culture of safeguarding.   Each member of our staff is committed to helping your child achieve their goals and realise their full potential.

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We have high aspirations for your child and we want them to be able to fulfil their full potential academically and socially. Our curriculum is designed to allow your child to explore, to think and to question for themselves from a very young age and to enjoy their experience. Engaging teaching, through a variety of learning methods and techniques, provides a strong foundation for your child as they progress through the School and are prepared for the next step in their educational journey. We know each child well, allowing us to tailor learning objectives to each individual child and stretch them to a suitable level, so they achieve the best they can.

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Our small class sizes, excellent teachers and stimulating curriculum aim to ensure that your child is given the best educational start in life and Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep School offers a wealth of opportunities for your child to flourish. Each child is valued, with learning experiences tailored according to their development and needs.

Our light-filled, well-equipped classrooms provide the perfect learning environment for our small classes. There is significant space for the children to play and explore outside. Children love taking part in our Forest School and your child will be encouraged to explore and develop a love for the natural world around them. We have an outdoor heated swimming pool, allowing the whole School to enjoy swimming lessons. Our private Sports Field is found just a few hundred yards from the School with space for several mini-pitches in front of the beautiful pavilion.

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, from Chess Club and Gardening to Engineering and Cookery, which form part of the extended school day. We also actively pursue opportunities to supplement and enhance your child’s learning experience by organising regular outings for all the children in the school.

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A key part of our role at Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep is to prepare your child for the next stage of their education when they move on at the end of Year 2. Our aim is for your child to leave us at the end of Year 2 as an intellectually curious, confident, resilient and happy child who is excited about learning and their future.

By knowing our children so well we are able to match the individual child to the most suitable school for them, where they will continue to thrive and develop. This is done in close partnership with parents and it is important that parents feel informed and supported throughout this process to enable as smooth a transition as possible. We actively pursue positive relations with our local schools and engage in communication with them about all individual children.

For each child, we aim to provide both an outstanding academic and broad education. This is intended to draw out pupils’ abilities and academic potential, awaken and develop wider interests in life and motivate them for a successful future. As such, our pupils go on to leading independent schools after they have completed their studies with us.

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