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"Throughout the school, pupils are happy and proud of all they achieve". ISI INSPECTION 2017

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    Shrewsbury Lodge School – excelling at multi-discipline sports


    We were delighted to recently hear of the success of former Shrewsbury Lodge pupil and current Shrewsbury House boy, Hugh Wason. Hugh has been selected for the National Final of the British Schools Modern Biathlon Championships, where he will represent Shrewsbury House.

    Following on from the success of the Brownlee brothers at recent Olympic Games, multi-discipline events such as biathlon and triathlon are becoming increasingly popular sports. Shrewsbury Lodge’s own PE teacher Matt Storr is a GB age group triathlete and will be representing Great Britain at the European Championships in Dusseldorf next June. Matt is already involved in a gruelling training programme that involves swimming 3kms, running 20kms and cycling a further 100kms per week. Matt’s enthusiasm for his sport has certainly been passed on the Shrewsbury Lodge children and you may recall last summer’s whole school triathlon or duathlon. We anticipate the event again in a few months’ time when the weather is warmer!


    Living Eggs

    We were delighted when 'Living Eggs' delivered a 'clutch' of hatching eggs in an incubator.  All ten eggs hatched and the children were thrilled to watch the development of our baby chicks. 


    Space Week

    There has been a real buzz around Shrewsbury Lodge!  Scraps of metal from an alien space ship were discovered by pupils on what was a most mysterious Monday morning at our school, when the playground was turned into a crash zone for an alien space ship. 

    In order to help the stranded aliens fix their space ship and return them to their own planet, the boys and girls needed to solve a series of puzzles and tasks to help give them a deeper understanding of our universe.  Throughout the week, as each task was completed, the challenge was photographed and put into a rocket post box.   

    By the final assembly the children had successfully completed all their missions and the aliens were able to fly home.  To thank the children for their help, the grateful aliens arranged for a mobile planetarium to visit the school on Friday so they could learn more about the stars and planets in our solar system.

    Geography Focus Week


    During the week, the superb creative environment fired the children's passion for learning about Geography.  The boys and girls made home-made passports and took make-believe flights all over the world, stopping off to learn about different countries en route and completing related activities in each classroom, ranging from becoming archaeologists searching for buried treasure in Egypt, to making igloos in Alaska. Classrooms were totally transformed and the children were captivated by the whole experience.  A theatre company also visited the school and the children enjoyed a whistle-stop tour of the world through a range of drama workshops.   


    Shrewsbury Lodge Art Gallery

    Our children’s original framed artwork, inspired by the world’s amazing animals, was exhibited at our school's very own Art Gallery. The children were thrilled to accompany their parents around the gallery and show off their beautiful paintings.



    Multicultural Week 

    Our Multicultural Week was a huge success with children and staff all buzzing with excitement.  The creativity which could be seen across the school was exceptional, with all classes fully immersed in learning about the traditions, festivals, music, food and art of our pupils' rich and varied cultural heritage.  The boys and girls produced marvellous projects about their families and were proud to share them in class. The children particularly enjoyed creating an enormous piece of artwork, using their painted handprints, to reflect that, "We are all the same yet different". 


    Diwali Assembly

    We celebrated Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, with a special assembly.  The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of Diwali and learning all about this colourful festival.  They were shown how to put on a sari and listened to a beautiful Indian prayer of thanksgiving.  The assembly ended with all the children singing a lively Diwali song.


    Pumpkin Picking

    Our Reception children had a marvellous time this Autumn when they visited Garsons in Esher.  They enjoyed their bumpy tractor ride over to the pumpkin fields, and were amazed to see the mass of orange pumpkins, ripe and ready for harvesting.  Our boys and girls were each invited to choose a pumpkin to take home, and looked for the most enormous ones they could find!  Back at school, the children learnt how to make pumpkin bread, and thoroughly enjoyed eating the fruit of their labours.


    Teddy Bears' Picnic

    On a beautiful sunny day in September, our Nursery children, their teddies and parents visited our sports field for a morning of teddy-themed activities.  They created some b-eary good arts and crafts, enjoyed a drama workshop and went on a 'Bear Hunt'. Before going home everyone enjoyed a delicious picnic.


    Triathlon Day

    We held our Triathlon Day in May this year, when all the children from Reception to Year 2 completed a swim, bike and running event.  Each year group of children were given a specific distance in which to challenge themselves. 

    St Christopher's Music Festival

    At the end of March our Year 2 enjoyed being amongst 200 other children, with six choirs from other schools, participating at the St Christopher's School Music Festival in Epsom.  During the morning performance the children sang two combined pieces as well as their individual songs.  The standard of music across all the schools was outstanding.  We were very proud of our children who sang so beautifully and with such confidence in front of a very large audience.

    Curriculum Focus - ART

    Our latest Curriculum Focus for the week was on Art.  The boys and girls were given selected colours and a choice of mediums to stimulate their creativity and imagination.  They were required to choose colours for a particular purpose and were able to develop their language of colours, using such vocabulary as 'tint', 'pigment' and 'stain'.  Younger children were given activities to develop their pattern making skills, help them recognize and name colours, and learn what happens when colours mix together.  A variety of work has been displayed throughout the school.


    To commemorate the school's Centenary, our children turned their own designs into a giant mosaic mural.  The boys and girls were given the opportunity to develop a large art project from design stage to completion.  Working with two visiting artists they learnt mosaic skills and were inspired to extend and develop their own original designs onto a larger scale. As you can see from the main photograph above, the mosaic has created a colourful and permanent record of our school in the 21st Century. 


    On Saturday 24th March we held our Centenary Open Day.  Hundreds of parents, pupils and past staff visited the school.  Our visitors toured the school, renewed old acquaintances, recalled their happy memories on our Memory Line  and signed their names in the Visitors' Book.  They also viewed our Centenary Exhibition and were able to see the vast range of photos and memorabilia, reflecting school life here over the past one hundred years. 


    A special Church Service at Holy Trinity Church, Claygate was held on Thursday 15th December.  As part of our school's Centenary celebrations, we reinstated the old tradition of our Choir boys and girls wearing the red choir robes which had been used by past generations of our pupils.  Each child has the privilege of sewing his or her name label in the collar to add to the previous wearer of that particular robe.  This custom goes back many years and was warmly welcomed by our current parents.